Sunday, November 25, 2012

A trip to the farmers market

The winter farmers markets have begun! They are every other Saturday at the memorial auditorium on main st. I missed one a few weeks ago and finally made it to one on the 17th. Walking in there was a face painting table and a Mediterranean foods stand, both I had never seen before at the summer markets. There were tables of local maple syrup, cranberries (for thanksgiving!), cider and of course lots of root veggies! I didn't need to do a big shopping trip but ended up getting a bundle of kale from Full Moon Farm for only $2.50! Lots of kale around these days! I also sampled some local cheeses; Shelburne Farms was of course representing as well as a small family run goat farm that had several kinds of chèvre and soaps for sale. There was even a Vermont vodka company table! The farmers market is a fun and easy way to eat local an the winter market is still pretty lively and definitely hosts a variety of vendors. Next one is November 1st, check it out!

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  1. Maya - any chance for local artisanal cheeses to try for holiday weekend? K