Monday, February 11, 2013

The Sustainable Food System Blogosphere

There is a whole spectrum of issues within the food system that are slowly surfacing to the public through social movements.  Many of the supporters of the food movements aim to encourage new ways of thinking about food, and the processing of food.  The goal of the food movement blogosphere is to make public the information that is not shown otherwise about the harsh realities that go into the production of the food U.S. citizens eat.  In this attempt to inform, also comes the aim to grow a movement, and empower a shift in paradigm to a more sustainable food system.  Through different ideas in how we can shift this food system model, and actions that can be taken by individuals, the messages of this blogosphere has the potential to truly change the food system we see today into a more sustainable, healthy, and affordable food system.  This blogosphere attempts to do this by informing, educating, and consulting their audience, by spreading knowledge and experiences they may have in an entertaining and engaging manner.  It can provide an academic standpoint, yet in a non-condescending manner, or too academic in nature so that many people can understand it.  This blogosphere is a references for like-minded affiliates of the local food movement to discuss and forum about sustainable food movements.  Most likely this is not a blog that is meant to bring people into the movement, but it is for people already supporting it and looking for current information or ways to engage more in the movement as a consumer, parent, or professional.

To give you a very brief preview of some of the issues food movements are targeting, here is a short video made by the Roots of Change Network:

MLW 1/29

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